New Dimension Team

Site Obsolete as of 21st October 2009, information is no longer being updated.

Here is information on team members, and our server, and other general New Dimension Racing Information. 




 Jack Atkinson (J@tko) is the founder of New Dimension Racing Events. He was keen to organise a small league for beginners back in Christmas 2007, and since then NDR has grown to successfully organise several large events.

Name: Jack Atkinson

Age: 16

Nationality: English

Interests: Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, TV

 Jonathan Palmer (dekojester) joined New Dimension Racing Events at the start of the LFS Beginner's Cup. Ever since, he has been a fantastic race director, making sure that all our events run as smoothly as possible.

Name: Jonathan Palmer

Age: 22

Nationality: American

Interests:  TV

 Joseph Ellis (JO53PHS) joined NDR during the LFS Beginner's Cup. He skins the course cars for all our events and is one of our Safety Car drivers.

Name: Joseph Ellis

Age: 14

Nationality: English

Interests: Computers, Cycling, Karting





Timo Hynninen (Hyntty) came to know NDR following his participation in the LFS Beginner's Cup. He helped with general adminning at Kyoto 500 practices and has often acted as a secondary Safety Car driver.

Name: Timo Hynninen

Age: 18

Nationality: Finnish

Interests: Computers, Snooker, Motorcycling


Thilo Falkenberg joined NDR following organisation of the league 'LFSCART'. This was organised very closely with the Kyoto 500, and so, Thilo came to know NDR very well during that time.  He eventually joined when LFSCART became an NDR event.

Name: Thilo Falkenberg

Age: 17

Nationality: German

Interests: Football, motorsports, dancing, science, rock music and meeting with friends.